Rude Strange guy at the gym

Some time ago I was approached by a young guy at a gym. Someone told him that I worked there and could answer his questions. The thing is, what he was looking for, I could not provide. I tried to explain this to him, but he continued asking me questions. I didn’t want to be rude, so I did the best to answer his questions.

I noticed that he appeared to be very socially awkward. I did my best to be friendly and cordial despite what I perceived as somewhat rude behavior.

After awhile he asks me if I could show him some exercise movements. I repeated that I wasn’t a personal trainer, but I could guide him on a few basic movements. After attempting a plank and some other simple movements, he stops and stares at me. Then he asks me for a specific person. “Sorry, I like his personal training better, is he around?”

At that point, I became annoyed. I told this dude that I wasn’t a personal trainer, that I wasn’t on the clock, and that he should go to the front desk. He asked me to help, so I tried, then he insults my efforts by stopping mid movement and asking for someone else who he likes better.

At that point, I simply said, “Okay, you need to go to the front desk if you want personal training, I’m going to go now.”

People, if someone is doing you a favor cause no one is around, don’t be rude about it. We all have a limit to our patience and the abuse we will tolerate. He used up his quota fairly quickly. I just shut it down, grabbed my gear and left him there. Good luck to you pal.

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