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10 Sailors Were Detained In Iran Waters. Okay? So what?

I’m sure you have seen the news that 10 sailors were detained in Iran waters.

There are some people who are trying to play on the ego and emotions of Americans. They are saying things like “The soldiers were forced to kneel with their hands on their heads.”

Of course many are buying right into it. What? You think that our sailors are Gods, not susceptible to the rules?

I don’t know why they strayed, but in life, when we do things, there are consequences. If some other country’s vessel came into our waters, I’m sure we’d detain them. What do you expect the other nations to do?

“Oh, those are American soldiers, the rules don’t apply to them.”

Please! The rules apply to us all. Stop trying to start some drama when it’s not necessary.

I have a suggestion for those of you who want to go to war over this. Organize a militia, like the Bundy people did, and send YOUR own kids to go fight. Leave the rest of us reasonable folks out of this crap. Thanks.

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