Sam Berns: A Real World Benjamin Button

One of the more difficult things that I have had to accept in life is mortality. The thought that I have only a limited time on this Earth terrifies me. As I am getting older, and I am seeing the white hairs come out as my body is changing, I am overcome with terror. I am getting older, I’m almost 40 years old! Hopefully, this process comes with wisdom.

What do you deal with in life? When you are stressing out over simple things, do you ever stop and think about how amazing you really are? Do you take a moment to appreciate your body and all of the things that it can do?

A video like this one by Sam Burns where he talks about living with progeria really helps people like me to get a grip. The perspective Sam provides in his TED talk is outstanding! Do you have to worry about an instrument being too heavy for you to be in a marching band? I know I don’t, so this forces me to ask myself some serious life questions. If Sam can live a happy life, then who I am to spend even one second complaining about trivial things such as mortality? His wisdom is worth paying attention to.

Have a watch of this video by this amazing young man, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about! You’ll walk away appreciating your life, that much more!

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