Antoya Korean BBQ(Formerly Samwon Garden) Review

Honestly y’all, if I don’t write my reviews fairly quickly after going to a restaurant or watching a movie or whatever, I forget. Now, it has been a while since I went to this place, but knowing how I operate, I wrote some quick notes the day of. I also looked at my IG feed from the day to trigger my memory. Anyway, this won’t be a fancy, descriptive, mouthwatering review, but it will give you an overview of the place.

Service good.

Apparently, the service here was good. I’m glad I wrote the note because honestly, I don’t remember a damn thing.

Space good.

I guess I also liked the space where we were seated and the venue overall. That’s nice.

Dumplings good.

I mean, its kind of hard to mess up dumplings, though I’m sure it can be done. However, it would appear that I liked their dumplings.

Beef bowl good.

I also appear to have enjoyed their beef bowl. I think that as I write these little blurbs I am remembering the food and place. I’m also feeling kind of hungry as I have been fasting and cutting my calories. That means that my subconscious approves and liked it. Also, I confirmed via my IG stories, I remember this beef bowl and it was good!

Bathroom sort of clean.

I mean, that kinds of speaks for itself. I usually have to use the restroom either before or after I eat. Sometimes both! I’m generally riding the train home, especially if out and about in the city, so we can’t be holding pee or poop for that long!

Moderately priced.

This would mean that for what I ordered, the price was okay. There are probably cheaper places, but it is definitely not high end or expensive.

Outdoor seating with Peppa.

As is the case with most restaurants lately, though these days they have been taking it down. This place had outdoor seating where we could chill with Peppa. She loves to eat out with us and explore all delicious cuisine.

Overall, based on my notes, this sounds like a good Korean place to eat. I’d like to return and have that beef bowl again. As I watched my IG story I remembered how good that rice was when it gets toasted on that hot bowl! Hmmm. Enjoy!

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