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Sanabul Gi Review

So as I have been trying to train my BJJ more regularly, I have purchased  yet another gi. I now have 5 gis in my closet. The latest to join the pack is this navy blue gi by sanabul.

My first impression upon opening the package and taking it out was how damn light and soft it felt. This gi is on par with my adidas gi in terms of light weight. It feels amazing to the touch compared to the other gis I’ve used.

On the amazon website they specify to order one size down because of their new sizing chart, and I’ll tell you, they ain’t kidding. I got an A3 and that shit fits me like an A4 usually does. The sleeves are very long, as are the pants. However, sanabul contacted me on social media and told me that if I wash it in hot water and dry it, that it will shrink. They said even two hot washes will shrink it even more.

At just $57, this gi is also the right price. As it stands right now, this is my second favorite gi. Second only to my adidas challenge gi which I happen to love.

Today was my first time using this gi and it felt great. I was considering that when it came, I’d send it back and get another adidas lightweight gi, but that plan is no longer on the table. I’m actually extremely satisfied with this gi. It looks and feel amazing. I haven’t washed it yet, and I only just got it, but thus far the first impression has been phenomenal.

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