Sanfords Astoria

A few days after my oral surgery I was too meet up with my friend and her son for dinner. I probably wasn’t in the best condition to go out to eat, but I love these folks and wanted to see them.

In any case, we toyed around with a few ideas and even spoke about rescheduling. However, our time together is very limited and I didn’t want to forego that. So we ended up choosing this place.

I’d never heard of Sanfords and had no opinion of it either way. She said it was like a diner of sorts, so I figured I could eat some scrambled eggs and be all good. However, the food here was not diner food, it was more along the lines of italian food.

I gotta tell you, though I didn’t get to fully enjoy the experience due to the four fresh holes in my mouth, I thought the food was really good. I enjoyed every dish and I plan to go back there when I can actually eat more comfortably. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that clear headed and didn’t get pictures of all the food, but I took a few.

Of course you know I started with a soup, cause you know, I couldn’t chew much. I enjoyed the soup, it was pretty good. I’ll have this again next time.

Mac and cheese is my ish, so whenever I go somewhere I gotta have it. This was a little different in appearance, but it was delicious. The little crunchies on the top was a nice touch.

This was my main course. It was salmon, veggies and cous cous. As you can see, I forgot take a picture prior to dogging it.

I also had their quesadillas, really good stuff.

Overall I really enjoyed this place and as I mentioned before, I’ll definitely be back soon. Totally worth it.

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