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Sanraku – Quickie Review


This place was recommended to us by my wife’s sister. As always when dealing with Japanese food, my first question was “Are the chefs Japanese?” Hahah, she didn’t like that question too much. LOL. So we decided to give it a try and this was the first place that my wife and I had proper dinner in San Francisco. It was a short walk from the house we rented. This place was interesting in terms of service, it was like a hybrid of sorts.

I’m sure that many of you will agree with my politically non-correct yet very true statement that our friends in some of the Asian restaurants are not always the best when it comes to service. We’ve had food plates slammed at us on tables, drinks glasses banged down, and encountered some nasty all around attitudes during some of our visits. My wife is Chinese by the way, and she has actually let some places have a piece of her mind because of such rude service. Get offended if you like, but I don’t make this stuff up.

So how is this place different? What do you mean hybrid? Well,  the sushi chefs were actually pretty nice, we sat at the sushi bar and these guys were all smiles and quite friendly. The servers on the other hand, these were the usual type of unfriendly faces that we’ve come to know an love at these establishments. The first thing my wife said to me once we encountered our server was “I don’t like her.” I agreed, the woman was pretty mean, she was rushing us, had a mean energy, and in severe need of some customer service training.

The food was actually pretty good. I had my usual, spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, spider roll, and a few pieces of sushi. Like I said, the rolls were pretty good as was the sushi. My wife enjoyed the meal as well. After eating the food, I realized that the west coast tuna may have been affected by the radiation situation in japan, but by that point I had long ingested the food. So yeah, maybe I’ll get powers like the X-men, or the incredible hulk now. Hahah.

The food here was good, and the service was a hybrid experience. Despite the mean waitress, I’d eat here again, the food definitely warrants a repeat visit.

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6 years ago

Sanraku Review

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