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Sauna sweat suits and why I say no

I’ve said it many times before, when it comes to fitness, just stick to the basics. Many individuals are under the impression that the weight they lose when wearing a sauna or sweat suit is fat. If they don’t think that, they believe that generating extra heat and sweating more means that you are working towards your weight loss goals faster. No, it does not. Let’s talk about Sauna sweat suits and why I say no!

Do you know what a sweat suit makes you do? Exactly that, it makes you sweat. That’s all it does, make you sweat. I’ll address a few points that people have mentioned while talking about sweat suits.

I feel so beat and it’s like you worked so hard while wearing it?

Well, that feeling of being beat is called dehydration, and it can be deadly! You didn’t work any harder, you simply sweat more because you enclosed your body in a heat trapping plastic contraption. I can put that suit on, sit on my ass for two hours, and I’ll sweat like an animal. Why? Cause it’s freaking hot bruh, it’s hot! LOL. That doesn’t mean I did any extra work, all it means is that my body is trying to regulate it’s temperature during these extreme circumstances. Now if I can sweat just sitting around, imagine what happens if I’m performing physical rigorous activity? Contrary to popular belief, sweating more doesn’t mean you are burning more fat. It just means you are hot.

I lose weight using it.

I can cut off your leg, and you’d lose weight, does that mean it’s okay? Well sure, you will be lighter after a workout with the sweat suit, but that’s because you just sweat out a lot of the water in your body. No, you didn’t actually lose real weight, just sweat. The minute you drink a glass of water, that “weight” you think you loss will come right back. And if you don’t put the water back, well, at a minimum you’ll get a nasty headache, and at worse, you’ll be dead.

Professional Athletes use them!

This is true, but these guys do this for a living under medical supervision. Also, I’ve heard of athlete deaths because of it. Even though they may have medical staff supervising them, it’s still dangerous for them. Also, the reason they do it is to TEMPORARILY drop a ton of weight for a fight weigh in. If the fighter walks around at 200 pounds with low body fat, they will compete in the 170 pound division. So they cut 30 pounds of WATER weight before the fight, and then drink pedialyte and water to replenish and get their weight back up. This is a dangerous thing to do, and I know all about it. I did it a few times to win a weight loss competition, and I felt the same way they look when they cut that much, like crap! And by lunch time, I was already back up about 20 pounds. Like I said, that’s not real weight, it’s just water weight.

Why do people sell them?

The same reason they sell magic fat burning pills, and pills that make your penis grow 5 inches, and the reason snake oil was sold in the past. Because people are gullible and they believe whatever they hear, or what their (well meaning) but ill informed friends tell them. They follow the herd, the trends, etc. Trust me, it doesn’t work. Not in the way that you think it does.

What are my options?

Your options are the same they have always been. Eat clean, train consistently, rest, and allow time to do it’s thing. Stop looking for shortcuts or ways to speed things up. This is a life journey, and you can’t “sweat suit” your way to a lean body. The only way is to stick to the plan and sweat the right way!

If you have any questions, reach out!

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