They say that criminals don’t follow the law

How many of you have heard that thing unreasonable gun proponents say all the time? They say that criminals don’t follow the law, so why should we punish law abiding citizens because of them? I’m so sick of this consistent, old, tired, illogical argument.

I think that we all know that criminals don’t follow the law, that’s why we call them criminals. So let’s say for arguments sake that every person in a place like Chicago is a career criminal. You know, cause they are primarily Black and Latinos, and you know us Blacks and Latinos are all criminals. Alright, so we have established that baseline argument. For argument’s sake, Chicago is made up of nothing but criminals.

So on the way home, like any self respecting criminal, I had a scuffle with Rodrigo. Rodrigo was eye fucking me, and then checking out my baby mama. You know that shit ain’t gonna fly, so now I need me an AK47 to jack up Rodrigo’s ass for looking at me hard, and then checking out my baby mama. Naw I mean? I’m gonna jack me that damn Rodrigo cause you don’t be looking at my baby mama. That’s straight up disrespectful, and it’s not all good in the hood. I’m gonna smoke that fool.

Oh shit, I live in Chicago, fuck me, I can’t get a gun legally cause the laws are too restrictive. But fuck this, I’m mad as hell, I’m gonna smoke that fool! What ever can I do? Hold up, I got Indiana like literally next door, let me cop a ride to Indiana and get me some of them laxed gun law benefits. If I buy them from a private owner, they don’t even have to check my background, and then I’m gonna smoke this fool. Word!

If I don’t wanna drive out there, I can always get a piece from Manito, he’s been running guns up to Chi-town for years. He’ll have the nice hook up, no travel, and I can even get it without any bodies and a fake serial number on it. Either way, I’m gonna smoke that Rodrigo!

Now, for a moment, lets say that we had some common sense gun laws at play on the Federal level. Rules that prevent me or Manito from going to Indiana and easily performing a private transaction which grants us such easy possession of a firearm. So none of us can get those guns from Indiana, okay? If that’s the case, because they are actually implementing and enforcing some gun control laws, maybe I’ll just use a bat to beat Rodrigo? Hell, maybe I’ll use a knife and stab his ass, maybe I’ll go old school and I’ll knuckle up for a fist fight. But without that gun, maybe a drive by shooting won’t inadvertently kill some innocent babies.

See how that works?¬†Criminals do exist, and they always will. But the fact of the matter is that in the hands of a criminal, guns can do a lot of damage. Without the gun, the criminal can’t do as much damage. Without one, the other is weaker and less effective at taking life, and that’s just a fact. So if your excuse to keep guns so damn easily accessible is to say that criminals exist and don’t follow the law, then I’d argue your logic is flawed, and it’s people like you who make places like Chicago happen. Though we all know it runs deeper than that.

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