Shazam Review

This movie doesn’t come out for another two weeks or so, but that didn’t stop me and my family from getting into an early screener.

So technically, I’m not supposed to reveal any details about the film at all. This suits me fine, these days I don’t care for going into long written film reviews anyway.

I can say this, definitely get your tickets to this film. I saw some articles saying that this was projected to be the lowest DC universe opening of all their films, and that’s crazy to me. We all enjoyed this film, and though there were some parts that made me want to yank my hair out, I’d give this film a 7 out of 10, maybe even an 8. It was really good.

I recall my first impression when I saw Shazam was that he looked like a giant apple, and though I don’t love his uniform, the movie was funny. Not only that though, it had some heavy darkness, some family dramatics, emotional stuff and overall it was a really entertaining movie.

I never listen to or care for what these professional critics say. They talk their garbage and it doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Y’all can project whatever you want, but I enjoyed this film and I highly recommend watching it for an entertaining time.

P.S. The entire time I’m watching Shazam, I’m thinking this is Jimmy Fallon! lol.

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