She-Hulk Quick Thoughts

My wife and I sit and watch She-Hulk every week. We like to binge the series and hate these shows that make you wait, but what are you gonna do?

I gotta say, we laugh quite a good deal during the show, and that’s a positive thing given that it is listed as a comedy.

So there was a bit of drama over the women empowerment elements that surface. Yeah, sure they put in a bit of feminist stuff, but they ain’t lying are they? I don’t have a problem with some real world stuff being stated in a tv show.

I think it was the first episode where she was telling Bruce that she controlled her temper everyday in this male world. That was clearly a feminist thing, but she isn’t lying, so why would I take issue with her stating something that is true?

I mean I see it all the time, even today, these damn pigs screaming shit at women. It annoys me and though I don’t step to everyone who says something to women, should someone cross the line, I have put myself out there. You can’t get mad for someone or a show calling you out on dumb shit that men actually do.

Mind you, I’m not trying to get brownie points here trying to be a saint. I am not, not at all. If an attractive woman walks past me, you bet your life I notice, and you bet I look, though discreetly and not like some nasty perv.

I never say anything to them, and I don’t harass them. But I’m not gonna act like I don’t notice and desire beautiful women. I am a dude. But I think that we can admire a woman without being a piece of shit and making them scared or uncomfortable. Fair, right?

So the fact that she is kind of an advanced Hulk 2.0 wasn’t irritating to me. It was a bit cheap, but not a deal breaker for me. Actually, I’m kind of glad she is herself when she becomes the Hulk. It makes for more interesting storylines.

That being said, “I’ll kill for you Megan thee Stallion” was hilarious. I watched that scene like 5 times.

I did think the last episode was a bit dumb and I don’t like how Wong is being portrayed weaker than he actually is. He could have easily dealt with that clown magician from the club. That plot was just annoying to me. I did like the last scene where he was watching tv with Madisynn though, that was kind of cute Wongers.

I don’t really know the comic book version of She-Hulk, so I couldn’t fairly compare, but I am enjoying the series and I look forward to the upcoming episodes. Overall, I enjoy the show and don’t get all the hate.

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