She said I like you

I remember when I was studying at the “Girls club of NYC” in the bronx, right after I left High School and before I started college.  There were these 2 cute girls, they were always asking me to help them with their projects, homework, etc.

I eagerly helped them, thinking I was cool and that these hot girls liked me.  Now, an older ARod realizes these 2 women were using me.  Taking advantage of an innocent, naive, young inexperienced man.

I’d love to get in contact with them now..  Try that with ARod 2.0!  One of them had given me her phone number. She told me that she wanted to hang out and get to know each other. I called her once and said can I speak with Yova please.  She mumbled something under her breath and then said “Oh, you must be looking for my sister she’s not here”.

Of course my dumb naive butt didn’t get it, I just thought she was playing me, and said “No, I’m looking for Yova, I don’t know her sister.” In hindsight I realize that she must of had some guy there, and she was trying to play it off.  Man I was so young and naive back then.

I guess I must thank people like her, because for better or worse these lessons are the ones that helped shape me into the person that I am today!

When was the last time you got played for a fool by the opposite sex?

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