Why She'll Never Date A Latino

Why She’ll Never Date A Latino? Oh boy, Danielle K Gonzalez done messed up now! So this woman wrote an article on Vivala where she basically attempted to explain why she’ll never date a Latino. Once you filter through all the b.s smoke and mirrors, it comes down simply to the typical stereotypical crap that Latinos are machista.

She often references her grandparents, and their story line. Which basically sums it up for me, her grandpa was a machista, and because of this she’s basically taking it out on all Latino men. It may appear as though I am oversimplifying things here, and that’s because it is quite simple. She’s stereotyping Latinos. I wonder if she’s voting Trump? Okay, I know that’s a cheap shot. Just because she’s throwing Latino men under the bus doesn’t mean she’s a racist, self hating trump supporter.

I’m married to a Chinese woman. I have dated Latinas, Black, Indian, White, and any mixture thereof. Personalities make a person, not cultural norms and what not. I’ve met loud, obnoxious Asians, and quite Asians. I’ve met loud, obnoxious Latinas, and quiet Latinas. I judge you as a person, not as the group you are a part of.

You want to talk about stereotypes? Our culture has this certain view of Asian people, and I’m here to shatter that view, as well as Mrs Gonzalez’ view of Latino men. I do the dishes, I wash our laundry, I vacuum, on occasion I cook, on occasion she cooks, I take care of my son, and I have no issue with that. My wife is not at home being my quiet little servant, while I reign supreme over the kingdom. Wake up woman, this is 2016, and a brave new world! Stop looking at your world through the lens grandpa set for you.

Am I a feminist? Man, I don’t know what the hell actually makes a feminist, and I don’t give a damn. There are so many different views out there of what a feminist is, I recently read an article about some jerk who was such a feminist that he let his wife sleep around with other men while he stayed at home with the kids, because that’s what a good feminist should do. Please, give me a freaking break! That guy is an idiot, and if I were single, I’d be banging his wife too. Why not? Seriously though, I don’t care about these stupid labels, I just believe in helping my lady out. I don’t have nor do I need a servant. I can do everything for myself, and mostly have. I see no issue in helping my lady out at home, we both live there.

Are Latino men HISTORICALLY machista that way? Sure, Latino men have been. The same as Blacks, Whites, Jews, Asians, Arabs, Indians and many other cultures have. Some are still that way, and it should come as no surprise that the older generation is ignorant in that fashion. The same way it should come as no surprise that many are racist. They are old and grew up a certain way, but that’s all across the board. Why single us out?

Here is what I don’t want to do in this article, I don’t want to attack your choice in men by pointing out their specific issues. This isn’t about them, it’s about you. You are entitled to have your preference in men, just like I do in women. But by having a preference, you need not attack nor put down the others that don’t fit your preference. Feel me?

I don’t know you, nor do I really give a damn about your life choices, I don’t want to make this personal at all. But I had to respond to your ill informed world views expressed in this article. Your issues with Latino men apparently stem from grandpa and grandma’s stories, as opposed to, you know, maybe some first hand, real life experience? So my advice to you is that you go hash that crap out with them, and leave us Latino men the hell out of it. We ain’t done nothing to you, so leave us alone!

Thanks, A Non Machista Latino.

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