Shirts off at the Company Christmas Party

It was during the late nineties. The Christmas party was at the Copacabana. I was no stranger to partying as I spent many a night in the dance clubs during that period. Naturally, to my drunken, partying mind, the company Christmas party should be no different. Right? Let’s hook up with one of these corporate women!

I don’t remember much about that night, as I mentioned prior, I was pretty damn drunk. Back then, I was in amazing shape, and I seldom kept my shirt on when out partying. However, if I was wearing a shirt, it was clearly outlining my physique and showing off all the hard work I put in at the gym. The type of work that would have random women (and men) at the gym wanting to touch me.

I do remember the teletubbies, dancing teletubby looking creatures were part of the entertainment. They were the ones that were supposed to get us out on the dance floor. So I got out there and got into my groove. Then I saw one of the senior ranking women that worked with me on the floor. She was a tall, formal, attractive woman, someone whom I was friendly with, but with whom I had clearly established borders. Did I mention that I was drunk? Yes, so I made my way over to her, and we started to dance. Remember, I was drunk, and I thought that I was God’s gift to women back then, I figured she’d definitely be down for me. However; I was wrong, and I crossed that corporate etiquette line.

See, young, dumb and very drunk Angel didn’t care that these were my coworkers, all I saw was that we were at a party, and she was an attractive female dancing the night away with me. That’s when I started getting really hot, and I decided to pull my striped, gray gap shirt up, exposing my torso, but still keeping it on. I had some semblance of common sense. I figured this “conservative” gesture would cool my body down, turn her on, and impress all on lookers with my amazing abs. All the while keeping it corporate. Like I said, I didn’t take off the shirt.

Well, my calculations were wrong, as soon as she saw my exposed torso, she ran off. I mean she just disappeared and completely pulled away from me. She was a little older than I was, not drunk, and clearly much more experienced in the corporate world. She didn’t want to be associated with the “young fool who took off his shirt at the Christmas party.”

There was another guy who went a little nuts, he joined me on stage and took his shirt off as well. Yes, by that time I found myself on top of the performance stage at the Copa. Did I mention that I was drunk? By this point, I was very drunk, and my shirt was completely off. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he did me a big favor by outdoing me up there. He wasn’t as fit, and he didn’t look as hot as I did, but he was louder and much more obnoxious than I was. So he took the attention off of my escapades.

I don’t remember anything else from that evening, but those few bits that I do remember sound like a hell of a lot of fun. I’d like to thank the other crazy guy at the party for shifting the focus away from me. But man, don’t we sound like fun people to party with? Hahaha… Good times!

Do you have any fun party stories you can share with us?

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I used to party so hard! Keeping my shirt on back in the days was a challenge.


RT @arodomus: I used to party so hard! Keeping my shirt on back in the days was a challenge.


Shirts off at the company Christmas party! YES! #storytime


Shirts off at the company Christmas party! YES! #storytime