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Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Compression Shorts

Shock Doctor makes some pretty decent products. I picked up a pair of these athletic supporter compression shorts because I wanted to see how well these work in contrast to an average athletic cup holder.

I also purchased a Shock Doctor traditional cup holder, you can read more about that here. The cup that came with these compression shorts is pretty good. However, the compression shorts aren’t really working out for me. They hold the cup in place, but it never quite feels right.

Since these are shorts, they don’t quite go under and tight like the traditional cup does, this feels like it’s sitting in your groin area kind of just floating there. I had some feeling of protection but I was also worried that my nuts could get crushed by the cup itself because it wasn’t held tightly in place.

These innovative products can be pretty good and I have trained with this successfully. But I never felt as secure or safe as I did with the traditional cup. I have a pair of Battle compression shorts that came with a nutty buddy cup. Those are also not as great as the traditional cup, but they seem to sit in place much more reliably than this one.

In my opinion, you simply cannot beat the traditional cup when it comes to protecting the jewels. These shorts are cool and I do dig them. Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. If you are into trying out new technology and designs then go ahead and give these a try. If you do, or have used them please let us know in the comments about your experience.

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