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Should you compliment a pregnant woman?

The image above was captioned with the following statement:

Only one of these five women is pregnant, the others all suffer with debilitating conditions

Do you see where I’m going with this? She could have gained weight, be sick, or lord knows what’s going on!

I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve seen women and men in real life make a comment about someone who they thought was pregnant, who wasn’t. I’m not perfect and I’ve made many mistakes throughout my life, but this particular mistake is one I’ve not and will never make.

Recently, at one of my gyms I saw a woman who looked kind of pregnant to me. I mean, if there if a pregnant look, she had it. So you’d think that I’d wish her congratulations and stuff right? Wrong, I kept my big mouth shut and didn’t say a damn thing about her belly.

Don’t get me wrong, it is in my nature to be kind and I wanted to wish her Godspeed and so on, but I just smiled and said hi. I hadn’t seen her in a while and it seemed extremely likely that she was pregnant. I wanted to wish her well, but unless she said something or specifically confirmed to me that she was pregnant without me asking or insinuating anything, I ain’t saying nothing.

She just smiled and said hi back, so I just left it at that. I could see her expression was a bit confused cause I refused to acknowledge any change, but like I said, give me something, “Oh man, Angel, this baby is killing my back,” give me something and then I’ll speak up. She didn’t, so I didn’t.

Like I said before, I’ve seen that go bad too many times and I ain’t walking into that trap. Nope, not gonna happen. Tell me something that confirms you are pregnant, then I’ll congratulate you. Absent that, I’ll just talk to you normally and not say a damn thing about it.

So if you are or have ever been pregnant and I didn’t say anything to you, I’m not being an asshole. Please forgive me for my apparent indifference to your beautiful experience. The thing is that I’m not exposing myself to a risk like that. Please don’t be offended and know that I wish you well. Ladies, just help a fella out, if you want us to know you are pregnant, drop a hint, and then we’ll give you all the glowing compliments in the world!

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