Show Review – Clybourne Park


This play was really good. The cast of about 7 or so does a great job in playing multiple roles, and stirring up emotions from beginning to end.

From the very beginning, the intense drama is present. Racial undertones, not so subtle, and it deals with not only racism, gentrification, but also suicide and the damage it does.

The play starts in the 1950’s, the home of a white family, from there the drama unfolds among them, fast and furious. The matter at hand being spoken about is the suicide of the family’s son, and soon thereafter turns into a discussion about them selling the home to a black family in the entirely white neighborhood.

Fast forward fifty years and you are in present day, now you have a white couple moving back into the same house, however, now it’s the black folks concerned with a white family moving in, gentrification.

The actors do a great job transitioning between the 2 periods, there is plenty of drama and intensity, but also some really funny points as well.

The play was really good, thanks to my dear friend Tina for bringing me as her plus one. I really enjoyed the show and I’m glad I got to enjoy it.

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