Sick Puppy Book Review

Its not too often that I take the time to reread a book, especially a fairly long read like “Sick Puppy.” However, I made an exception and here’s why.

I cannot recall how I came across this book, I may have borrowed it or been given it by someone. I can’t remember but damn am I ever glad they did. I can still remember reading this book as I rode the train and busting out laughing on more than one occasion. As a matter of fact, as I’m rereading it now, the same thing has happened. I’ve bust out laughing again and again.

I read this one years ago, but after reading this book, I pretty much gobbled up every book that Carl Hiaasen has written. He immediately became one of my favorite authors and one of the few authors whom I’ve kept physical copies of their work. I should also note, that after I finished up all of Carl’s books, I went and found another author very much like him in style, Christopher Moore. He’s another one of my favorites when it comes to laughing while reading.

Sick Puppy revolves around the story of a young man (Twilly) who finds a litter bug (Stoat) and wants to teach him some manners about the environment. I mean, my man does some crazy stuff to this dude, but he just doesn’t get it. In fairness to the litter bug, I’m not sure how someone dropping a truckload of poop into your beamer will drive the message home that they want you to stop littering. Twilly could have just hollered at the dude and resolved it, but then we wouldn’t have this amazing story now would we?

So as if the fact that this man was a litterbug wasn’t enough, he’s also one of those men who destroys the environment, wildlife, whatever his clients need in order to get paid. He’s a pretty greedy, nasty dude. As Twilly discovers this, things get even crazier. I’m talking very crazy!

This book features one of my favorite Hiaasen characters, Skink. Skink is probably my number one Carl Hiaasen character. The guy is amazing, like Twilly on steroids.

Listen, I’m trying to be careful about dropping any spoilers on here so I’m going to close with this statement, get the damn book, you won’t regret it! Odds are that after reading it, you too will want to get your hands on every Carl Hiaasen book.

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