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Sleeping with a CPAP Machine

So for a few years now, I have been sleeping with a CPAP machine. Initially, I was not aware of the dangers of sleep apnea, and I simply looked into this because my wife literally could not sleep next to me due to my loud snoring. We slept in different rooms, and I didn’t think this was conducive to a healthy marriage.

In any case, I went to a sleep specialist, and they conducted a sleep study on me. They said that I woke up a total of 90 times, and if memory serves me correctly, I stopped breathing about 60 or so times. I don’t quite remember, but the numbers were really bad according to the doctor.

There are all sorts of problems that stem from sleep apnea such as weight gain, high blood pressure, headaches, death, and the list goes on and on. I wasn’t aware of all that. I didn’t even know that I had sleep apnea, or what it was. I just wanted to address the snoring so that my wife could sleep next to me.

The machine that they gave me, the Resmed Elite is supposed to help address those problems. The way sleep apnea works, is that when you go to sleep, the muscles in your throat relax, close, then block the airway. This in turn causes the snoring sound, but also prevents adequate oxygen from reaching your brain. That’s what causes all of the health problems.

The CPAP machine attaches to your face, via the nose, mouth or a combination thereof.

It sends a steady blasts of air down the airway, keeping it open so that you can breath all night. This allegedly ensures that oxygen is always getting to your brain and that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Honestly, I don’t know if this thing works. The doctor told me that after the first night, I’d feel like a new man. However, the next morning would indicate, this was a lie. Hah. I didn’t feel any better, and I didn’t feel any worse. However, at a minimum, it did address the snoring, and that was a very tangible benefit. I’m thinking the others are less obvious, but may be helping me in a less noticeable way.

My model machine comes with a little water tub, a heated tube, and the ability to turn up the air temperature and humidity. This is great because when I don’t use them, my mouth gets extremely dry, my tongue starts to crack, and my throat hurts like hell. The humidity is super helpful in that sense.

I’ve had the machine a few years, and though other than the snoring, I haven’t really noticed any changes in my quality of life, I’m hoping they are there. And in a worst case scenario, at least my wife can sleep next to me.

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