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Smokin Joe Frazier Tribute

Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali are like fire and ice, you cannot think of one without the other. These two men became permanent fixtures in one another’s lives, never to be parted! With the recent loss of Muhammad Ali, there was no doubt Smokin Joe’s name would come up often. Sadly, Joe Frazier left us back in 2011. A funeral which a very ill Ali still managed to attend.

Watching these two interact over the decades gives me a feeling of sadness and joy at the same time. You see the best of friends, and the most bitter of rivals. This tribute here shows us an older Joe Frazier, interwoven with images and video of his younger days. As always, you can expect to see Muhammad Ali in the mix.

What gets me most watching something like this video is the mortality to which we are all bound. You see a young, strong, tough Joe Frazier, and towards the end, though he was still ticking, you see an older frail man. This is going to happen to us all, no matter what!

Sometimes this makes me wonder, what if we could transfer our consciousness into a new younger body? What if we could stay forever in our prime? I know that now I am delving into some crazy talk, but a lot of the time these men and women still have their wit, intelligence, and overall persona. The only thing that goes is their body, isn’t that a terrible shame? The essence that drives you remains, while the shell which contains you withers and dies.

Watching all these documentaries about Ali and Frazier terrifies me. If this is what happens to such great men, what happens to us mere mortals? I guess that all we can do is enjoy our lives, and live them to the fullest, before that times comes. Make a difference in as many lives as you can, and do the best that you can! Being a Muhammad Ali, or Joe Frazier in someone’s life, it’s all that we can hope to be.

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