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Snob at the gym

Some time ago I was taking a class. It was fairly full which generates a lot of heat, and you know I sweat a lot by default. So I walked over the water fountain to take a sip of water. There was a woman there, I’ve seen her many times before, and she’s seen me. We are not friendly or talk, but I think she knows who I am. Anyway when I walked back there, she completely stopped participating in the class, and then glared at me. I could feel the weight of her stare, so I looked over. Then she adjusted herself as if she were uncomfortable with someone looking at her and went back to glaring.

You know, this is one of those people who thinks that every man wants her or is checking her out. I got news for her or anyone like her, I went back there to drink water cause I was thirsty for water, not for your crusty ass. I don’t know who you think you are, or the attention you are used to getting, but you ain’t getting none of that shit from me. When I saw that she was acting like she didn’t want me to see her working out, I raised my eyebrows as if to say, “PUHLEASE” and then continued drinking my water and left.

So here’s the thing you weirdo, yes, I looked in your direction. However, that was only cause I felt you staring at me first. See how that works? You called attention to yourself by being some sort of weirdo, then you get weirder when people notice you staring. As if I’m gonna look at you, give me a damn break you weird snob!

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