So about that youtube shooter

So this woman was pissed off that youtube wasn’t paying her for videos anymore. This anger led her to take a trip to their headquarters and shoot a few people. She then turned the gun on herself.

Another mass shooting, though I have not really seen the media using this term at all. She’s gotten some media coverage, but I can’t say that she’s been brutalized the way others have. They’ve been rather gentle on her. I’ve seen Vegan, Peta, Muslim, and female thrown around as the potential reasons that she isn’t being dragged through the mud.

I don’t know what’s up with all that, but I’m glad she didn’t actually kill anyone, except herself. I wonder why not start with yourself instead of hurting other innocent people who have nothing to do with your plight?

Her family was concerned and they did call the cops to investigate. Her brother is pissed off and blaming the police for their lack of action. But I’m not sure that its fair to blame them, they can’t just arrest someone without a crime being committed. Well, that’s not entirely true is it? But in this case, since she was neither a man, nor black, they extended her the benefit of the doubt. Obviously that was a bad call, but I don’t know that any cop would have handled it differently.

Instead of blaming the police, if the family knew that there was something off with this chick, why hadn’t they themselves done something all the years before? I don’t celebrate death, but if someone is intent on killing innocent people, I can’t say that I feel bad that they are gone from this world. Good riddance. Hopefully everyone who was injured survives and can go on to continue living normal lives.

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