So black folks have a problem with Gabby Douglas’ hair?

I read several articles where Gabby was being criticized because of her hairstyle during the Olympics. She was criticized for having her hair back in a pony tail like the rest of her team.  A few sites took issue with her, because you know she was representing blacks in the Olympics and she didn’t do her hair in a nice weave or something. REALLY?  REALLY? REALLY?

She wasn’t there representing blacks, blacks is not a country represented in the olympics! She was there representing the United States of America, as a proud American. Her hair was combed in a fashion that was functional for what she was doing. It was as it should be for a young woman that is doing back flips and all that other fancy stuff in the air. How dare you put her down and attack her over that ridiculous notion. You should be completely ashamed of yourself.

But as with everything that happens, we have to make it about race. Oddly when Gabby was asked about how she felt being the “first black person to win the overall”, she didn’t even appear to register that, “Oh right, I forgot about that”. You know why? Because she is there representing the United States of America. If you insist on creating this segregation and distinction of color after so many died to bring us together, then shame on you for making their sacrifice in vain.

For one of the more comprehensive articles I read on this topic, with more statistics and information on Gabby actually being only the 5th American to win the mostly Romanian and Russian dominated overalls check out this post on by Mychal Massie. He defends the honor of gold-medal winner Gabby Douglas in this piece. I must warn you though, this black man who wrote this article is a little more harsh and less forgiving than we are here at NYCTalking, and his view may not be for the faint of heart, or the sensitive politically correct types. The guy, though harsh, makes some great points.

Angel Rodriguez

Please take note of the date on a post. Over the years my views have evolved. I'm constantly learning and growing.
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Maria La Selva Vogt
7 years ago


Anthony Ferraro
7 years ago

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Robert Barnes
7 years ago

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Nikki Gee
7 years ago

She’s a true Christian she isn’t into this is black this is white, shes’s American!

NYC Talking
7 years ago

Nikki, that’s how it should be. Unfortunately too many people still get hung up on this race thing. This is why we share posts like this one, in hopes of opening as many eyes as we can.

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