Some people are just sexy

In one of my more recent posts, I spoke about my buddy Danilo, and how I think that dude just oozes sexuality. I’m a heterosexual male, but I can look at someone, male or female and acknowledge if they have sex appeal. This guy, everything from his eyes, his mannerisms, his voice, his movements, it is all just sexual in nature. Now understand something, I’m not saying I want to fuck him, cause again, I’m a damn heterosexual male. But even so, I can perceive that sensuality he projects.

This brings me to the actual story. Years ago I was hanging out with this girl, mind you, we were just friends. But she was so damn sexy to me. She didn’t ooze it out of her body in the same way Danilo does, but she was sensual in a different way. Her movements, they were delicate, but they provoked my every desire. Her body was formed in a way that it stoked all of the flames of passion in my heart and soul. I didn’t look at her and think, “Man, I want to fuck the shit out of this chick,” I’d look at her and think, “I wish she were my woman so that I could make such deep passionate love to her. God she’s beautiful. She’s just perfection.” It was one of those things. I don’t think she even knew or realized the effect that she had on men, or on me.

I remember one day in particular, we were hanging out, and she bent down to pick something up. When I saw this, my heart skipped a beat, my eyes open wide, and I felt like a perverted little kid who’s seeing a butt for the first time. It was bizarre to me that I’d react in this fashion. But like I said, the way she moved, even the position she was in, it just screamed into my soul, “Make love, make love!” I wanted her so badly, that something as simple as her bending over made me react like a silly child.

In any case, it never came to be. We were friends, she knew where I stood in regards to her, and I knew where she stood. Unfortunately for me and my passions, we were not standing in the same place. So, though I was denied love, I took the friendship she offered instead. Life, time and distance has brought us apart, but I’ve never forgotten the time I shared with this beautiful, oh so sensual woman.

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