Something stuck on Dog’s Paw Pad

I was walking my dog when she saw another dog and wanted to play. As she did her doggy dance I noticed that she started kind of limping and avoiding one leg. She was very distracted as she was greeting the other dog and jumping around, but I noticed it right away.

Once she stopped with her happy dance I scooped her up and examined her paws. I noticed that there was a piece of hard red candy stuck in one of them. I carefully removed it and checked her other paws for any foreign objects. The candy was red and there was red on her fur, this worried me a bit as I couldn’t tell if it was the candy or blood. However, the part of the candy stuck inside was rounded and smooth, like the edge of a lollipop. The sharp part was facing outward. Thank goodness for that.

I took her home and washed her paws carefully looking for any cuts but I think it was just the candy color. One of my biggest fears is my baby girl hurting her little paws during our walks. We do our best to protect and take care of her, but walking in the city streets the fear of hurting her paws is always there.

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