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Sony WH-XB700

Here is another pair of headphones that showed promise, but fell short on the physical aspects that I require.

Initially, I wanted a pair of headphones that I could use for the gym because I snapped the ones I had pretty badly. But then I thought I’d also like them for gaming and or regular use.

These headphones, pretty much like the others I’ve recently tried sounded really good. However, they are fairly bulky, and definitely were not going to work for the gym.

They are comfortable but loose on your head, so if you decide to do one burpie, say goodbye to the headphones cause they will be continuing on that forward floor bound trajectory as your body goes the opposite direction.

Also, due to their bulky size, getting these in your pocket would be very difficult. If you wear them out, you’ll need a bag or carry them on your hands or head. They sound pretty decent, but they are just not practical for my specific needs. As such, you guessed it, I returned these as well.

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