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Soundbot SB221 Headphone review

Some months ago, my lady bought me a pair of $20 or so headphones. I had just been through about every damn pair of headphones that Best Buy had, including their behind the ear “insignia” headphones. I loved the beats by dre, but I can’t do in ear headphones, I really want and need behind the ear.

It was a random amazon purchase of the Soundbot SB221 headphones. At $20 I really didn’t have high expectations, but figured it was worth a shot to try them out.

To my great surprise, these headphones were pretty damn amazing. They are not the loudest headphones ever, but they are loud enough and sound pretty good overall. The battery has never failed me during a workout, and the bluetooth connectivity is pretty good. I mean, I don’t go far from my phone when I workout, so for my purposes it was just fine. They are water and sweat resistant which is very important for someone who sweats as profusely as I do. The battery charging port also has a little flap to cover it up and protect it from sweat.

The headphones have held up physically through mostly daily workouts. The foam pads are still in tact and the function buttons are still working. Connecting them was a breeze, and overall I have enjoyed these headphones. I will say that ear fatigue will eventually kick in, and I just remove them for a few moments and then carry on. Bare in mind that I work out for hours on end.

I’m not entirely sure how long I have had them, but unfortunately they have now ceased to work. It started with a static sound that would continue humming underneath my music. I play my music pretty loud, so I could drown it out and didn’t care much for this issue. However, more recently, as I try to play music, I continue to hear the “volume” up and down button as if it were being pressed continuously. While that is happening, simultaneously there is the red light blinking continuously on the headset as well. Eventually, they lose the bluetooth connection and shutdown.

Soundbot’s website lists a one year warranty, so I have reached out to them to see what my options are. I do not believe that a year has passed since we purchased these things. Since they are $20, I was going to discard them and order another company’s pair to see how they held up but since I came across the warranty, why not.


It seems that in order to replace the product they want a receipt from where you got it. I guess I understand that, but in my case, since it was a gift, I don’t have this. I’m trying to see if the lady can track the stuff down, but so far she’s not had any luck. It seems that without the receipt, you are pretty much screwed out of luck, so keep that in mind if someone gives these to you as a gift or if you are giving them to someone.

Overall, I was pleased with the product. It’s lasted about 5 months which is longer than the insignia, but well within the one year warranty. For about $20 a pair, I’d say they are worth the cost for a temporary life product. Since I’ve already tried these, and it looks like I’m gonna have to pay up for a new pair, I’m probably gonna try a different company and see if I have better luck. There are like 20 different companies making these products on amazon. Anyway, below is the correspondence regarding the receipts. I get it, policies are policies.

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