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Spaying our puppy #peppathepom

When you have a pet, in some cases its best for them to be spayed or neutered. I know of a few female doggies who have gotten terrible, life endangering infections in their uterus because they weren’t spayed and not reproducing. I’m not an expert, but it seems to be safer for them.

In any case, we are closing in on the time that we’ll have to do this for our fur baby Peppa the Pom. The thought of it is making my head hurt and it is making me nauseous. I’m so scared and worried about putting her through this, though I think it’s safer for her in the long run. They also proposed taking out some extra teeth that she didn’t move naturally.

I just recently found out that my first mini fur love, “Baby,” passed away because the damn vet gave her too much anesthesia during a very basic tooth extraction.

She was the most beautiful Maltese you could ever set eyes upon, I loved her so much. She was 13 years old but in perfect doggy health when she was accidentally killed, no issues whatsoever. Yet, this vet managed to make her sweet little heart stop.

Lord have mercy, the thought of her leaving us that way makes me sick to my stomach. My ex girlfriend never told me what happened, but yesterday I asked. It made me so angry and I wanted to destroy the vet who did this to her.

Now Peppa needs to have surgery which will require putting her to sleep as well. In fact, I think they knocked her out when they flew her here from South Korea, I’m glad she survived that! I’m terrified about the surgeries, but I’m also really scared about her recovery. Peppa is a jumper, and she gets super excited when she sees us. I’m scared that she might hurt herself if she jumps around while in recovery. She’s so tiny, and I don’t want anything to happen to my baby.

I can’t imagine how I’d react if a vet hurt my baby, I don’t even want to think about it. I know that she needs this, and I know they’d never intentionally hurt her, but I’d be lying to y’all if I didn’t tell you I was terrified about this inevitable situation.

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