Speck makes the best iPhone cases!

I’ve been using speck cases for years. In my opinion, they hands down make the absolute best iPhone cases. Their cases have nice grips on them, they have raised bezels, they have rubber on the inside and outside which is great for impact and absorption. And one of the biggest pet peeves that I have, button covers. The speck cases have buttons that fit perfectly, right out of the box!

I’ve been through many other cases, including underarmor, incipio, lifeproof and others. Those buttons are so damn stiff that after a few minutes of usage, your fingers will hurt and be very sore. They don’t seem to get better over time, and really make the cases unusable for me.

I just got this speck clear case and the buttons have a nice, comfortable click. They work without the ridiculous resistance and strain caused by those other aforementioned cases. I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to press them. No, just no!

If you need a great case that won’t require the ability to bench press 500 pounds to use the buttons, look into speck cases. They go for about $29 or so, but they are extremely worth it. Eventually the fit becomes loses, and depending which one you have, the grips can start to fall apart, but I think it lasts as long or longer than the others, and it’s just a great overall case. My phone has taken some pretty hard falls, and I’ve never been worried about it getting damaged, these cases are the bomb! They have been and will always be my go to cases.


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