Spotlight Singer: Asha Iwanowicz

Let me ask you guys a question, do you believe in heaven? This isn’t a religious question though, and regardless of your beliefs, I think that most of us can agree that a place where there is no violence, no evil, and only good, deserving people, kicking it with the angels is a pretty damn awesome place. Am I right? Eh? Eh?

Ok, the stage has been set. Now imagine that heaven had a voice, that it could actually talk to you, that the angels could sing us beautiful songs.  Are you imagining it? Well, then you now have an idea of what the experience of listening to Asha Iwanowicz feels like.

The first time I saw Asha was at an Inspired Word show, she often comes out, plays the guitar and or piano while singing us a song. Asha has a captivating appearance, she caught my attention from the moment I first laid eyes on her. But I digress, so yes, she plays the guitar/piano and sings us a song, oh and mind you, she also plays the ukelele as well.  When she performs, we all listen, her music is very beautiful. So, I am very much drawn to sheer talent, so naturally I was drawn to this woman like a magnet, and I absolutely had to work with her!

Asha Iwanowicz

I cannot put to words the way my insides flutter when I hear Asha’s sultry, soothing voice.  I recently had the honor of working with Asha and Charlie Scott on a song called “Walking Along“. “Walking Along” is a piece I wrote to a sad, touching guitar melody, the song talks about a person that is literally walking along, with tears on their face, and the heartbreak of it all.  Asha did the singing on this song (80% of the song by the way), while myself and Charlie Scott each performed a hip hop style verse.

Listening to Asha give life to my words is an unbelievable delight, my ears and my soul were overflowing with pleasure. Her voice is absolutely perfect for the vision I had for this song. As we were recording the song, us boys in attendance joked around with King Sage (engineer/co-producer) about several things, one of them was how all 3 of  us outside the recording booth (myself, Charlie Scott, and King Sage) were falling in love with Asha as she sang these melodies. The other thing we said was that this song cannot be played for an unstable, depressed person because it is so sad and powerful that it may unhinge them further.

I love all of my songs, but “Walking Along” has fast become my favorite, Asha AND Charlie Scott on a track, co-produced and engineered by King Sage? WHAT??? What more can a recording artist possibly want? Asha has an extensive music education, and though she does play guitar, ukelele and piano, she is not limited to any one genre. She has collaborated with Keon Torres on a fun, nerdy sexual innuendo song where she showed her rapping skills, she’s performed some uh, more graphic songs that deliver a big punch, and she can absolutely mesmerize you with her soft, sultry melodies. The woman is a musical prodigy.

Asha Iwanowicz and Keon Torres

Asha is the real deal my friends, she is super talented, extremely beautiful, and she is putting in the work. Keep an eye out for her, support her projects, and make sure you are ready when you listen to her voice, because your heart will no longer be yours. Following is a brief interview with Asha on youtube. Enjoy.

Asha Iwanowicz can be contacted by following the links below:

Asha Iwanowicz


Twitter: @halcyondementia

Facebook: Halcyon Dementia

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Spotlight Singer: Asha Iwanowicz


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