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I’m a fan of the food at this hidden gem. The dishes were very tasty and I love their large fridge full of desserts. However I came here a few weekends ago and the service was horrible. I came here with a large group of my friends, a party of 13 including some young children. Our table was assigned only 1 waiter, in fact, I think there was only one waiter there at all.

Throughout dinner service we received no water refills, no change of dishes, and one napkin per person.  Did I mention we had a bunch of kids? One napkin? Come on! The food took a ridiculously long time to arrive. To their credit though I will say once the dishes did arrive the food was still really good.  I think going forward, if anything I’m willing to do take out, but I will not sit down for dinner service anytime soon.

This restaurant has been featured on cooking channels and the sort, the food is great, but they really need to step up their service game. Comically enough at the end of dinner they had the nerve to give us a hard time about tipping the minimum amount. Really? Be thankful we gave you that much considering the way you performed your job.

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