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The state of parenting: I have no daddy.

This show was about troubled kids, and putting them through a form of boot camp to instill discipline upon them. I don’t think the Drill instructor expected this response from the kid, it looks like it touched him, and the scene definitely touched my heart.

As is very common from D.I’s (drill instructors), he screams and sarcastically asks the kid “Do you want me to be your daddy for the next 8 years?” The young man then shocks him with his answer, “Yes sir.” When the D.I asked why, the kid says “I have no daddy.”

I cannot tell if this scene was staged for tv or real, but it looks pretty real to me. It looks like the D.I’s entire plan of attack was derailed by the kid’s answer. This short scene really says something about what children need in life, why they may act out and misbehave. Parents, don’t punish your children for your mistakes. Make sure that you are involved in your children’s lives.

Parents with custody, don’t deny the other parent the right to be in the child’s life because you are angry with them about your own personal issues.

Non-custodial parents, don’t leave your child because you split up with the other parent.

Deadbeats, stand up and take care of your children!

Party animals, stop partying so damn much and be a parent!

Drug addicts, put the pipe down and get clean for  your kids!

Workaholics, their will always be more work, but your kids will leave the nest one day. Put the pen down and attend to your kids!

If you have kids, be a parent! Remember, it’s not their fault you are separate, and they didn’t ask to come into this world! Do the right thing!

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Vera Krajci Eddy
6 years ago

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6 years ago

I have no daddy! This says so much about our society! #parenting #dad #mom #parents #child #children #kids #parent


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