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So for some time I have been listening to music from Steady130, and at one point I decided to drop them an email about making a custom mix. I spoke with Alex once before, and agreed that at some point in the future I would put together a music list for him to mix for me.

After a few months, I decided that I wanted to move forward with this, and I began compiling my list. I reached out to Alex again, sent him the music, and he began to mix. We spoke back and forth a few times as to minimize any confusion or miscommunication. I’d hate for this man to spend time making a mix, that I’d pay for, and then wouldn’t like or use.

If you’ve never heard one of his mixes, hop on over to steadymixes.com¬†and have a listen. Now, anyone who knows me is aware that I am very particular, and pride myself on my music selection for classes. I made this clear to Alex, and he expressed that he too was the same way. I let him know that I was a bit neurotic about my mixes, and he got to work.

The first round, we had a miscommunication, even though we tried to avoid it, but hey, we are humans. So the mix was dope, and I liked it, but I hadn’t made clear that I wanted/needed an 8 count mix. My original mix cost $50, and an 8 count mix would cost a bit more. Alex was extremely kind to me, and offered to make it for me as a first time customer. I am grateful for his kindness, and the mix, once again, came out very dope.

Being the psychopath that I am, there were about two songs that didn’t seem to flow properly for me in the sequence, even though I was the one who picked them! Remember what I said about being a bit crazy? I asked Alex if he was willing to remove the songs for me, and he agreed. Even though I had already used up my 1 round of edits, he still agreed to help a fella out. That was very cool of him.

I’m extremely satisfied with Alex’s service, and I think that he is very professional and skilled at what he does. If you require a music mix, and you want to use original songs, and not some automated system, reach out to Alex and he’ll hook you up with some dope¬†results!

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