Steps to being a successful Zumba instructor

Sometime ago I covered the topic of how to become a Zumba ZIN. You can read that somewhat in depth article here. Today I’ll be covering the steps to being a successful Zumba instructor.

One of the first steps that you must execute in being in a ZIN, is adding a bunch of other random ZIN on Instagram and Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met them, seen them, like them, or even have any idea who they are. It is your job to send as many requests as you can. The more ZIN you have on FB, the more legit you look. So start sending out those friend requests.

You absolutely must take a wild and fun crazy profile picture. You have to appear super happy, as if that moment is the single greatest moment of your life! I mean like give me some serious duck face and make it count! Without that picture, no one will ever take you seriously in the ZIN world!

See the picture below, you’ll see what appears to be a look of pain or an inability to release while using the toilet, but no, you are wrong! That expression is the happiest moment of my adult life! Hashtag blessed!

You absolutely must buy and rock Zumba gear! If you ain’t wearing Zumba gear, then you ain’t a damn ZIN! You are an impostor! Wear it and wear it good! Use all the money that you make in one class to buy one item from the store. Buy enough and eventually you’ll be dubbed a Zumba wear insider, which means that you get absolutely nothing for all your spending! So what are you waiting for? Buy some gear! Also, never mind that the letters will start to peel, fade, or that the glitter will get in your eyes to which their horrid customer service will then say, “Just gift it to someone if it hurt your eyes.” (True story.)

You’d think that this is enough, but then you’d be wrong! You need to take that earlier profile picture and then add a banner to it, this banner will tell everyone who ever comes across your profile, “Hey, I’m a ZIN!” You know, in case that your profile saying it one thousand times or your clothing didn’t already drive the point home.

Finally, you’ll need to wear a flannel shirt around your waist. Why? Don’t be stupid and ask me questions like that! Just do it because that’s what ZIN do, okay? That’s what ZIN do.

That right there ladies and gentlemen is my gift to all of you, a road map on how to be a successful ZIN.