Storytime: The night would soon end.

There I stood, outside of my hotel room, gazing up at the stars. My heart was racing, and I prayed that this night would last forever. I inhaled deeply as the tears streamed down my face. The night would soon end.

There she lay, so beautiful, so tender, fast asleep inside my hotel room. Having made it clear that I no longer held her affections, she planned to bid me farewell after this evening. She’s so cruel.

I prayed, and begged the stars above, please, do not let this night end. But I knew, the night would soon end.

How can she sleep so soundly during such a time? She has torn my heart straight out of my chest, she is taking the air out of my lungs, she’s killing me! How can she sleep so easy? Doesn’t she know what she’s done to me? Doesn’t she know that the night will soon end?

Why can’t I sleep? Why am I standing out here in the cold, staring up and talking to the stars? As if the stars care for my plight? As if they will ever answer my silent pleas? The night would soon end.

I walk back into the room, I lay down beside her and I wrap my arms around her in bed. She allows it, she pretends to love me, for one more night. My heart jumps, could she changed her mind? Does she still love me?

The answer was a resounding no.

Undoubtedly the morning came. You should have seen the way she looked at me. I could see the sympathy and pity in her eyes. She hugged me cautiously, then she tells me that this was it for us. She tells me not to come by her university anymore, not to look for her anymore. She tells me that I should just move on.

Then she left.

I sobbed the entire three hour ride back to the city. She left me.

The stars had forsaken me, and just like that with the rising sun, the night ended.

Angel Rodriguez
Actual selfie I took back then. I did selfies before they were a thing. LOL.
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