Student driver backs into DMV

Becoming a driver is kind of a big deal. The process of testing, for most of us is a nerve wrecking experience. It is not unreasonable that you might fail or make major mistakes when taking a driver’s test. I know that if the lady who tested me didn’t like my personality, she could have failed me. She actually told me, “I could fail you for that big ass turn you just made. But I like you, and I know you can do better, so let’s do it again.” She didn’t have to do that for me, but because I am one likable mofo, she hooked me up with another shot! So I passed.

I wish I could say that the same could have been done for this student driver in Connecticut, but nah son, that ain’t gonna happen. This student driver actually backed up the car INTO the DMV while trying to park. Call me crazy, but I simply don’t see anyway that an examiner can overlook such a transgression. I mean, that’s a pretty big mistake! There won’t be any “I like you” happening there. It’s safe to say this person failed their driver’s exam. So who’s gonna oversee the retest? Not me, that’s for damn sure!

The DMV is usually a pretty boring, painful place to visit, but this student driver took things from 0 to 100! Literally. Ayyyeee….

On another note, why this reporter look like George Foreman doing the news?

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Angel Rodriguez

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