Student Loan Exaggeration?

Is this some sort of student loan exaggeration?

student loans

I look at this image above, and I wonder to myself, what the hell has this person doing? Trust me, I know that times are rough, and jobs are hard to come by. I was out of work for 1 1/2 years! However, I have to question how did this happen?

Did she get a degree in rainbow analysis? Was she making below even minimum payments? How does she still owe $45,000 on a $26,000 loan after 23 years? That just doesn’t make any sense to me?

I mean, we all had student loans, and even me, who is a terrible screw up when it comes to financial planning, managed to pay this off long ago. So, I have to ask, what has this person been doing all this time?

I know I sound judgmental, and that’s because these numbers are unbelievable to me. I support Bernie Sanders, and I want him to win. But all that aside, I mean, I genuinely want to know how this specific scenario above came to be. What kind of terrible deal did she get, or what kind of terrible mismanagement of funds led to this specific situation?

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