Successful Vasectomy

So today I had my final semen analysis after the vasectomy. It has been a total of 6 weeks and 29 ejaculations since I got the vasectomy done. They told me they need about 15 ejaculations to remove the remaining sperm, but I tend to be an overachiever.

I went in today and provided a sample for them to examine. I met with Dr. Werner and he gave me the news, mission accomplished, the vasectomy was successful, there is zero sperm in your ejaculate.

It’s kind of interesting how some people go to him because they cannot have a baby, and he’s helping them with that. Then there are others like me who are going to him because we don’t want to have any more babies. I saw a young couple there today, and the irony of this isn’t lost on me.

In any case, I am now infertile. Though this was by choice, I really don’t like how that word sounds. It just sounds insulting and disrespectful. But, that’s what I am, so I am what I am.

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