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This evening my wife and I wanted to go out to a nice dinner at one of our favorite spots, El Sitio. Upon arriving at said location, we discovered that El Sitio is now gone! SAY WHAT! Yup, El Sitio, our favorite cuban spot has been replaced by some Filipino restaurant. As if Krystals across the street wasn’t good enough, why you gotta go and take our cuban spot! You ain’t right, yo!

Anyway, after that disappointing discovery, we decided to move down towards 61st street and Roosevelt. We were going to eat at Sripapai, however, there was a line of people outside of the place. Honestly, I do not recall this place being good enough to deem me standing around outside for an hour. Nope, I don’t think so. It really wasn’t all that, I think because they were on tv once or twice, they get a lot of visitors. But here is a news flash, I was on tv too! So your being on tv, don’t make you nothing. Lolz. But yeah, really, they weren’t all that impressive.

So we moved along and I remembered this “new restaurant” that had opened in the area, Suki Thai Shabu. We always wanted to check it out, but never got around to it, what better day than today after our El Sitio dreams were crushed? So, we gave it a try, and I’m glad we did. The food here was really delicious!

Below are some of the items we tried.

suki thai shabu combo

This was a combo appetizer dish. It included some of their spring rolls, duck rolls, shrimp rolls, and some other stuff I can’t even remember the name of. This was a delicious dish, everything tasted great, and my absolute favorite had to be that sweet chili sauce that they used. Hmm. Try out this combo, it was on the “specials” menu.

suki thai shabu fish cakes

I’ve never been a major fish cakes lover, nor am I a fan of cucumber, but I wanted to try out new items this evening. This was also an appetizer dish, and it was quite good. Considering that I am not a fan of the two major elements in this, and that I would definitely order it again, I’d say they have a winner here.

suki thai shabu lychee smoothie

I can never resist a delicious smoothie, and I really like Lychee. So, naturally I went with this drink. It was good, sweet, and has one lychee fruit in there for you. Probably not the best idea in terms of my fitness goals, this is all sugar, but damn it sure is good. Hehehe.

suki thai shabu curry chicken

My wife’s main dish was the curry chicken. I tried some of it, and it had that milky, coconut type taste as the dominant flavor. It was good, but not something that I would order for myself. I’m not a big fan of this flavor, and though I can eat it, and have no complaints about it, it is not my preference.

suki thai shabu basil beef


My main dish was the beef basil dish. This was pretty good, medium spicy. I was definitely sweating from the top of my head by the end, but it was a great dish. The beef portion felt very light, and I was a bit hungry afterwords, but that may just be me? Who knows.

suki thai shabu bill

We didn’t do dessert this evening. So they use this for billing, pretty cool stuff. Modern civilization ladies and gentlemen. At the end of dinner, we basically went and picked up the receipt after using this thing to print it. That’s my one gripe about this place, for a saturday evening dinner service, they were understaffed by at least one person. Perhaps one more individual would have made the evening more enjoyable. There was a lot of waiting during every part of the evening. Bare in mind, this was not because of the servers, they were working hard, and fast, they just couldn’t keep up with the flow of bodies here. Me and the wife both agree that the food made the waiting bearable. I would definitely come back here, but I hope they stop being so cheap and hire another person. Of course, they could have banged out sick, or what not. So I won’t write them off based on that.

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