Supergirl On CBS First Thoughts

I’ve seen the preview in theaters for the upcoming CBS television series, Supergirl. It looks quite interesting to me, and it seems like the teams over at Berlanti Productions and Warner Brothers Television have really put in a lot of effort into producing a great tv show. I absolutely intend to watch, and I do hope that the show is a great success.

I do have a few reservations revolving around this show. I’ve always felt that the Supergirl franchise kind of comes along whenever a successful superman film or show does. Therein lies the problem. After watching a spectacular film like Superman with Henry Cavill, and with Batman Vs Superman coming along next year, I’m afraid that our expectations as viewers have been set way too high.

The bar has been set extremely high, at an astronomical level! The latest Superman is one of the only films that I actually watched more than once, and anyone who knows me knows that this is an incredible feat! I seldom watch film more than once.


Though the show Supergirl looks good, and I’m quite optimistic, on sheer graphics quality, it looks a bit lesser than that which we have come to expect. When Superman is flying, it looks pretty damn legit. Supergirl flying looked a bit fake, not extremely convincing.

If you are going to make a show to try and piggy back off of the popularity of a film like the new Superman, you really have to bring your A game. I hope this show does well, and that it satisfies my desire for all things Super!

I remember when I first started watching Arrow, I felt it looked a bit cheesy, but it turned out to be a great show that I enjoyed a lot. I look forward to watching Supergirl!

On that note, did you see the new trailer for batman vs superman! Uhm, can you say awesome?


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