Superman Doomsday

I gotta tell you, I’m not very happy with DC for them getting rid of Henry Cavil as Superman. That decision has made me very unhappy, I thought he was the perfect Superman. That being said, you have to give DC credit for making really great animated films.

I saw a clip on tiktok where they showed Superman killing a dude. It was an exact looking Superman, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mind you, I actually am more of a Punisher than Daredevil kind of guy. So Superman killing someone who’s actually going to keep escaping and hurting people is okay with me.

I’ve always said the same thing about the Batman and Joker. Think about it, how many people has the Joker killed after escaping from Arkham? In my opinion, every time he escapes, and every person he kills, their blood is on Batman’s hands.

So, Superman dropping Toyman to his demise was perfectly cool with me. However, I thought this was very out of pocket for Superman, so I had to look up and watch this film. Fortunately, like all the other DC films, it is sitting on HBOMax waiting to watched.

There was quite a bit going on in this film, and Superman got his fair share of a superhuman ass whooping on this one. First the alien monster, and then his clone who Lex made out of his DNA. Right, it wasn’t really Superman who did the killing, it was a clone. And in his own twisted and demented way, the clone only wanted to protect the people. He said, “Toyman would escape and kill again. I had to send a message.” I’m totally on board with that! Like I said, when they refuse to kill the villains, the villains come back and kill more innocents. Any innocent blood shed is on their hands!

I know I’ve dropped a few spoilers on here, and hopefully I haven’t ruined it for anyone. This is a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Highly recommend catching it.

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