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Swell Bottles

Recently, I purchased a few Swell bottles, I loved the small ones so much that I went and bought a bigger bottle.

I have a lot of water bottles, but when I go shopping I don’t like to carry anything too heavy. Although, my husband would say you probably couldn’t tell from how loaded my purse is.

Anyway, I originally purchased the 8oz Swell bottle. This was fantastic for my hot yoga classes. Obviously, I like something cold to drink when I am in that heated room, and this bottle keeps my water quite chilled! It can keep colds chilly for 24hrs, and hots heated for about 12hrs or so. Give or take an hour or two.

On colder days like right now, the smaller, light Swell bottle is perfect to bring some hot tea or coffee with you in the mornings to keep warm.

Swell has tons of designs, I am sure that you can find the perfect one that suits your own personal style.

swell bottle

As you can see I love this product a lot. I do drink water often, and the 8oz was proving to not be enough for those intense hot yoga sessions, and that’s why I went even bigger.

I have one to carry on the road and one for the gym. Go ahead and check them out at!

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