Switching system audio output requires iTunes restart

This is an annoying feature or glitch with iTunes for Windows. Unlike most windows apps, iTunes doesn’t automatically switch speaker inputs to reflect the active one.

What I mean is, if I have my headphones on, and I decide to switch to an external speaker, most of my apps will recognize that I have switched speakers. Spotify, the Windows systems, everything begins to come out from the selected speaker.

Well, all except iTunes. In order for iTunes to pick up the change, you have to shut it down and restart it. Then it picks things up. This isn’t a big deal, but it is annoying and should not happen. Why is that? I’ve no idea, but the official Apple response was “uninstall and reinstall iTunes.”

I’ve already updated it and I bet that if I strip it and reinstall it, the same thing will happen. I’m not the only person to bring this up, and I’d bet I won’t be the last. This is a glitch I’m sure of it, and Apple should take care of it. This is a very basic ask for a very basic feature and core functionality.

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