Symone Sanders: Chicago Torture Video Not A Hate Crime

Okay, so here’s the breakdown, 4 black people kidnapped and tortured a white dude. Then, in their infinite wisdom they live streamed it on Facebook. Like, no one is going to find out who you are that way.

Enter the politics behind this crap. “F*ck Trump, F*ck white people.” Some people, such as police, and others like Symone Sanders who is often on CNN are saying that they are not sure that this is a hate crime, and that saying so, could create a slippery slope. Really? “F*ck white people” doesn’t make it a hate crime?

Growing up, and throughout my life, I have always stood up for my Latino and black brothers and sisters. But, I also condemn us when we do wrong. I was often targeted, beaten up, robbed, and abused because I’m a light skin latino. “Get that white boy” is one of the phrases I remember hearing as I fled from a gang of about 10 black dudes who decided it was time to beat my ass, simply because of my skin color. This was wrong, and though I understand that there is systemic oppression, man it really pisses me off when someone tries to justify that violence using it as an excuse.

Enter hypocrisy! I bet you my entire life savings, which isn’t much by the way, that if 4 white people streamed a video saying, “F*ck black people” while they tortured a mentally ill black man, Symone Sanders, and all of the people who are saying this is NOT a hate crime, would lose their sh*t!

Yet, because the victim is white, and Donald Trump’s election has hurt so many people emotionally, Symone isn’t sure if this is a hate crime. Are you f*cking kidding me? Look people, on the left, on the right, black, white, gay, straight, and anyone else who resides on this planet, call things what they are. These guys tortured this dude, while saying “F*ck white people,” and you have the damn audacity to say, “I’m not sure this is a hate crime?”

People like Symone Sanders are damn sickening hypocrites. I have zero respect for someone like that. If this were reversed, it would be a hate crime, and like I said, people would lose their collective sh*t over it. Changing the skin color, doesn’t change the hate, it doesn’t change the act, and don’t you dare say that they are “traumatized” cause Trump won. That in no way, no shape, no form, justifies this behavior. It doesn’t justify it anymore than those jerks who feel emboldened by Trump winning.

You are upset that he won, maybe you should have gotten out there and voted, campaigned, whatever. Put on your big boy, or big girl pants and work for change. Torturing people, and then whining about it being because of Trump does not help you.

I often complain about how the prison complex is filled up with young black men and women, often unfairly targeted for minor crimes. I hate the havoc that this modern form of slavery has created upon our communities of color. However, I’ll be glad to know that these idiots will be spending years and years in prison for their horrible acts against one of the more vulnerable humans on this planet.

The rest of you, don’t be hypocrites.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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