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Your first day of bjj

One of my younger buddies asked me about the first day of BJJ. I thought since I’m fairly new to BJJ, I’m 42 years old…

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Why do you write about Jiujitsu?

A concerned citizen asked me why I was writing about Brazilian Jiujitsu. He stated that I don’t have the rank, the experience, or even the…

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Attempting back submissions

Sometime ago I came to a major realization in Brazilian Jiujitsu regarding attempting back submissions. I realized that working from the back doesn’t just mean…

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Grip fighting with Chewjitsu

Sometime ago I purchased the “Get a grip” and “Fundamentals Vault” tutorials from Chewjitsu. I’ll say this to you guys, as beginners, nothing replaces actual…

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Chewjitsu fundamentals vault

Much like the grips series by Chewjitsu, the fundamentals vault has proven instrumental in helping improve my jiujitsu. This series is spread out over a…

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Major Brazilian Jiujitsu realization

On Monday as I rolled with one of my training partners, he told me that I had a submission available to me from the position…

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Learning the basics

I know some people who are training BJJ and want to learn some really wild, advanced stuff. I think that’s cool if you are capable…

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