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Take a look at Samsung’s cool “I see your dreams” initiative

As America continues to become a global force, we find more and more that external influences, things that have been foreign to us are becoming more and more commonplace. I recall a time when I didn’t care one bit about soccer. See, I’ve never been much of a team sports type of guy. I’ve always preferred one on one combat sports, boxing, Brazilian jiujitsu, ultimate fighting, that sort of thing. So it would be hard to believe that today I know quite a good deal about soccer. In fact, I’ve even played soccer video games, and watched games! What? It’s true. It is a very exciting sport to watch, and the level of fitness these athletes must maintain is impressive to say the least. After so many years sitting on a trading floor, and occasionally seeing a game projected on the big screens, it was bound to happen.

Our friends over at Samsung would happen to agree with us. They put together this amazing video, a video that happens to be from the perspective of a soccer football. That might sound a bit unorthodox to you, but this video moved me to tears as I watched it. The soccer ball is providing us a look into what it’s like to be played with, and the joy that children have with it. The video also shows us how this sport, and this soccer ball serves to unite the children of the world! Truth is, it unites us all, young and old! Think about it, when the world cup is on, the world stops moving.

I happen to be a very emotional person, and there is something that is amazingly moving about watching children smile and just being happy. While watching this video, and listening to the cool song that Samsung themselves created by the way, I couldn’t help but being touched. There is a scene where a young boy receives a football for his birthday, or some other gift giving holiday. The happiness portrayed in that scene is amazing. There are so many scenes that will touch you, and you can even see some of the youthful mischief that comes with sport and competition. It is a really cool video, and I’m glad to be involved with Samsung’s ‘I See Your Dreams’ initiative.

Take a look at the video below. After watching it, let me know if you were not touched or moved somehow by it.

So? What did you think? Did it touch you? I wouldn’t lie to you, sponsored article or not! This video simply touched me.

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6 years ago

Take a look at Samsung’s cool “I see your dreams” initiative

6 years ago

Take a look at Samsung’s cool “I see your dreams” initiative


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