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Take your shoes off in the house!

Take your shoes off in the house!

Growing up, we never took off our shoes when entering the house. This was not something we did where I come from. However, as I became exposed more to Asian culture, as well as some other friends who practiced this, it has become a habit and way of life. None of us keep our shoes on in the house, it actually grosses me out nowadays.

It’s interesting because for most of my life, I kept my shoes on in the house, but now it’s disgusting to me. It makes sense though, think about all the nastiness we step on outside with our shoes on, and then we are to bring that into the home? YUCK! I wasn’t as aware of it in the past, but I sure am now.

Anyway, my son, the little punk wore his sneakers in the house. I’d never notice this, but my wife is like a P.I sleuth when it comes to things like this. Honestly, I find it a bit annoying that she notices crap like this, but I also understand. My son went into the bathroom and left a damn shoe print on the rug! I mean come on dude, you left clear evidence brother! That’s kind of annoying too, because he knows we don’t wear our shoes at home, especially in the bathroom where we bathe, and yet he made it easy for her to find out that he did it!

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, I laugh about these silly acts. I know people who’s children are gang banging, stealing, having babies of their own, or strung out on drugs. If our issues at home revolve around a shoe print on the bathroom rug, I think we are doing okay.

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