Taking of last name

How do you feel about a person taking on their partner’s last name upon marriage? Personally, I never cared about that. It’s not important to me. When I got married, my wife chose to keep her own name and I take no issue with that. It really isn’t important to me. She has her own identity, her family, etc. I have no interest in changing that or watering it down with my name. If she had wanted to do it, I’d support it, but her not doing it doesn’t affect me in any way.

This wasn’t necessary for me to be happy, but in terms of continuing my blood line, my son carries forward my family name. He will be the one to carry on the “Rodriguez Clan” as I jokingly call us. Also, although they are mixed with their dad’s blood, and carry a different last name, my nephews also carry on the “Rodriguez Clan” in a way. If this were a matter of concern, which it really isn’t, we’ll live on.

Some people hyphenate their names upon marriage. This is a way to honor their own family as well as their life partner. I think that’s ok, but it can make the name much longer in some cases. I’ve seen some ridiculously long names hyphenated and that shit was just funny to me.

Some people insist upon changing their names immediately upon marriage. My ex was one of those folks, its important to her and I respect that. Some men also want that because it makes them feel a sense of power or whatever. I don’t know cause I just don’t care about that. You want to change your surname? Great! You don’t want to change your surname? Great. I just don’t care either way.

In any case, what are your thoughts on this?

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