Taking the cheese bus to school

When I was younger, my mom was trying to get me a full fare bus pass, I only had a half fare one. She filled out some paper illustrating why I needed a full fare pass. She noted my asthma, etc. She was very convincing, so much so, this backfired.

Instead of giving me a full fare bus pass, the NYC education system decided to put me on a cheese bus. For those who don’t know the lingo, the cheese bus is how we describe the yellow school buses here. I remember it clearly, Logan Bus Company. I was probably the biggest, oldest kid on that damn bus.

The only positive was that I used to leave school at 230pm instead of 330pm to catch the bus. Also, I didn’t have to ride the train or public bus and get robbed or beat up. The negatives were everything else. Imagine being a teenager in the hood, arriving to a really bad school on a cheese bus! It was rough.

It is no surprise that I got tortured most of my education life.

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