Teacher says military is fighting for us to speak American

Students at a New Jersey high school walk out in protest after they were told to “stop speaking Spanish” because the military is “fighting for your right to speak American.”

Question, is American a fucking language? If so, which language, and which American are we speaking of? Does the term change depending on the region you are in? For instance, if I’m in South America, and I say, “Speak American,” am I asking you to speak Espanol? But, if I’m in the North, do I mean English? Oh lordie, this is oh so confusing.

I took an oath when I joined the U.S Air Force and fought for this nation. I don’t recall at any point during the reciting of said oath, where anything at all was stated regarding speaking American, or a lack thereof. In fact, as an airman in a nation that is made up of people who are ALL immigrants, I was under the impression that I was fighting for your right to speak whatever fucking language you want to speak?

Suffice it to say that this idiot educator does not speak for me, and many of my brothers and sisters. Don’t get me wrong, there are racists in the military, and I encountered quite a few of them during my time serving, but as a matter of mission, the military IS NOT fighting for you to speak “American” or any specific language. Freedom is freedom, and this idiot needs to get educated on what freedom means.

I’m glad that the kids walked out of this idiot’s class, and I’m glad that they are starting to take a stand. I hope the teacher is dealt with for her ridiculous outburst in class. As a former service member, I encourage you to speak whatever language you want, and that’s what I fought for!